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A few words from RABETSAROANA Soamiadana, Partner

Saint-Louis Juridique is the realization of a dream: to contribute to the development of Madagascar's legal framework by bringing expertise and knowledge acquired in Europe in various fields of practice.

This establishment aims to fill the gap in assisting and supporting foreign investors seeking to finance projects in Madagascar.

The major asset of the firm, beyond its responsiveness, lies in the strong relationships it maintains with Malagasy authorities and its perfect command of the Malagasy, French and English languages. In fact, we have already assisted foreign investors in significant projects.

The team is growing day by day while preserving ethical and moral values, fostering a sense of professional family and sharing our expertise with younger generations.

Recognizing the importance of international relations, Saint-Louis Juridique regularly involves its primary partner from Paris: Saint-Louis Avoctas, law firm. Saint-Louis Juridique also has partnership agreements with renowned firms in Mauritius and Africa. These partnerships provide our international clients with continuous legal services. Opportunities are abundant, especially in Madagascar, and Saint-Louis Juridique aims to be a part of the ongoing emergence.

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Saint-Louis Juridique

Saint-Louis Juridique firm is the culmination of a visionary dream : to actively contribute to the advancement of Madagascar’s legal landscape by offering the expertise and knowledge of a European-standard law firm across various domains.

Founded by four lawyers registered with the Paris bar, Saint- Louis Juridique aims to provide comprehensive legal assistance to private companies, executives, public entities, and individuals in their pursuit of growth and development strategies within Madagascar.

Our firm has a proven track record of successfully handling numerous complex cases.

As our Cabinet continues to expand, we remain dedicated to upholding unwavering ethical and moral values, fostering a supportive professional environment akin to a close-knit family, and enthusiastically sharing our knowledge and expertise with the younger generations.

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