The founding partners

Saint-Louis Juridique brings together a multidisciplinary team that listens to your needs to better assist and advise you.

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again

W. E. Hickson


Saint-Louis Avocats, law firm, founded in 2010 by Jean-Paul PETRESCHI, quickly established itself on the Ile Saint Louis in Paris, and gathered a team of about fifteen multidisciplinary lawyers and legal experts.

Among the collaborators of Saint-Louis Avocats, law firm was Soamiadana RABETSAROANA from Madagascar. As a collaborator within the firm for several years, Soamiadana RABETSAROANA always expressed the desire to return to Madagascar to bring her legal expertise and skills to the her island.

In light of this, Saint-Louis Avocats, law firm offered to support her in this endeavor and create a legal structure based in Madagascar to provide legal advisory services. Thus, Soamiadana RABETSAROANA and the partners of Saint-Louis Avocats, law firm, all registered with the Paris Bar Association, established a Malagasy legal entity named “SAINT-LOUIS JURIDIQUE.”

Our team brings its expertise, particularly in Business Law, to companies and their executives, as well as in public law to institutions and legal entities governed by public law.

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Because our firm is primarily composed of individuals who are integrated into society